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Società Navigazione dei Laghi S.r.l. was founded in 1997 and currently manages the navigation service for tourist purposes on the waters of the lakes “Liscia” and “Medio Flumendosa”. The lakes are respectively located in the northern area of Sardinia, precisely in Gallura (near the Costa Smeralda) and between the mountains of Sarcidano and Barbagia di Seulo, and in the southern area of Sardinia, precisely in the south of Sardinia (near Cagliari).

Everything comes from the idea of Sandro Bandinu, a young entrepreneur with a passion for both navigation and impossible challenges. The company’s philosophy is based on maximum respect for the natural environment, in the perspective of achieving sustainable development and preserving resources for future generations.

It is no coincidence that the boats used for excursions have been studied in great detail, so as to avoid the possibility of water pollution: from the non-toxic paints that cover the hulls to the propulsion system, which guarantees the absolute absence of discharges into the waters of the lakes, everything has been carefully tested by Bureau Veritas, which has issued the necessary certifications.

The respect for the natural environment, moreover, perfectly matches the desire to revitalize the island’s inland areas, often neglected by the most distracted tourist, but which instead offer the observant visitor a series of unique attractions and emotions, making him discover the true essence of the island.

The Società Navigazione dei Laghi will be glad to let you discover, thanks to its two boats Castor and Pollux, the hidden corners of our wonderful Sardinia.

We are looking forward to sailing together.

The story

Short history of S.N.L.’s activities

Società Navigazione dei Laghi s.r.l. was founded in 1997 on the initiative of Sandro Bandinu, an entrepreneur originally from Serramanna, who has always had a passion for navigation and already managed a tourist activity of passenger transport by boat in Villasimius.

The idea to realize an initiative of lake navigation in Sardinia, as already happens in other Italian regions, was born in 1998, when S.N.L. (part of the “Consorzio Turistico dei Laghi”) presented a project for the passenger transport on the lakes “Mulargia” and “Medio Flumendosa”.

After the project’s approval, procedures began to obtain the necessary authorizations to carry out the activity and, after some steps, in June 2000 S.N.L. was authorized to navigate on inland waters in the artificial basins concerned.

However, since the establishment of the Registers for the navigation on the inland waters (essential documents to operate regularly) was still missing, in 2003 the vessels were registered in those of the “minor and floating ships under construction” at the Porto Torres Coast Guard.

Once their construction was completed, in the period August-October 2005, the boats were dismantled, transported and re-assembled in the relevant lakes, first carrying out all the necessary tests for the issue of certifications by Bureau Veritas.

After a few further administrative steps (the receipt of the regulations for navigation by the managing body of the basins, the E.A.F., Ente Autonomo del Flumendosa and the passage in the registers established by the Department of Transport), in September 2006 were finally issued the authorizations for navigation on the Mulargia and Medio Flumendosa, and was thus awarded the first navigation license on inland waters of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.

Since 2012 the boat Pollux located on Lake Mulargia has been transferred to Lake Liscia, in Gallura, near the Costa Smeralda.
Our real adventure, however, begins now: we are waiting for you to live it together!!!

Info and Bookings

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